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Authentic Relating, Death Talk, & Creative Writing

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Vulnerability in friendship, mantras for real people, and the definition of authentic relating...

Out with the networking and in with the meaningful and authentic connections.

I want to know what makes someone's heart pound, not what they "do" for a living. Vulnerability and presence is a must.

I believe we can have personal growth and spirituality without all the pretentious bullshit.

I happily embrace my contradictions every day. We can cuss and drink beer, then mediate and read Tarot. I wouldn't have it any other way.

There is power in our words. The words we write, speak, and think. Which are you choosing?

Whether you're journaling, getting to know someone new, or writing marketing copy... the words you choose can make all the difference.

Travel, adventure, and community are what drive me to create my own happiness.

I started listening to what I really need, and this has led to some of the most amazing experiences, and important decisions, of my life!

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