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Vulnerability in friendship, mantras for real people, and the definition of authentic relating...

Friendships should not be underestimated. They impact so many facets of our lives.

I want to know what makes someone's heart pound, not what they "do" for a living. Vulnerability and authenticity are musts.

I believe we can have personal growth and spirituality without all the pretentious bullshit.

I happily embrace my contradictions every day. We can cuss and drink beer, then mediate and do yoga. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking our truth and communicating effectively is a pathway to our truest selves.

Having the tools to not only speak your truth, but truly understand that which you desire and need, is the first step to a more intentional life.

I believe we should seek change, experiences, and even uncomfortable conversations.

I started listening to what I really need, and this has led to some of the most amazing experiences, and important decisions, of my life!

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