A Seattle Authentic Relating Workshop | Nov. 13th

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Vulnerability in friendship, mantras for real people, the definition of authentic relating, and more.

Our friendships should not be underestimated. They impact so many facets of our lives.

Investing in our friendships and approaching them with intention can transform how we show up in the world. Vulnerability and authenticity are musts.

We can have personal and spiritual transformation without all the pretentious bullshit.

We can cuss and drink beer, AND mediate and do yoga. Nobody else gets to decide what is or isn't spiritual enough.

Speaking our truth and communicating effectively is a pathway to our truest selves.

Having the tools to not only speak our truth, but understand that which we desire and need, is the first step to a more intentional life.

To start, we should seek change, new experiences, and uncomfortable conversations.

When we start listening to what we really need and desire, we can begin designing the life we were meant to live.

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