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    50 Blog Post Ideas Dani O Buckley

    My day job consists of helping large media and B2B sales organization create great, strategic content for their blogs and websites. And I’ve been journaling and writing creatively since I was 6 years old. One of the biggest challenges I personally face, and that all of my clients face (and probably every blogger in the world), is coming up with new blog post ideas.

    So, whether you blog for a company, your own personal brand, or you’re a lifestyle blogger — these 50 Blog Post Ideas should come in handy whenever you need to overcome a little writers block. Enjoy!

    *Oh, and be sure to add to this list of blog post ideas in the comments below.

    1. Think about questions you get asked regularly. 

    This could be from clients or friends or colleagues or family. Ask yourself, “What am I an expert at?” and “What do people come to me for?”

    2. Try out newsjacking.

    3. Use keywords to come up with ideas.

    What are people typing into search engines in relation to what you do or write about.

    4. Create a top list post. 

    Like this post you’re reading right now!

    5. Curate content you find online. 

    Share articles or posts you enjoyed reading, but also provide unique commentary and insight before linking to the original article (ALWAYS link to the original article).

    6. Interview someone. 

    You could interview someone to spark ideas or you could host a video or podcast interview.

    7. Invite guest bloggers to write. 

    Connect with other bloggers that write about similar topics.

    8. List things learned from a book.

    9. Create a specific how-to post.

    Something like: How-To Take Great Photos With Your iPhone.

    10. Write about the pros and cons of something.

    11. Tell a personal story.

    People love stories.

    12. Post photos.

    Post photos from a recent trip or conference, or even a day in life of you, and provide captions to go along with each (but let the pictures tell the story).

    13. Conduct a survey and share the results.

    You could use free resource like Survey Monkey.

    14. Write a letter to your former self.

    What have you learned? What would you do different?

    15. Write a list of things your readers probably don’t know about you.

    For business blogs, this could be things they don’t know about your company or your brand. Here’s one I did for my dayjob.

    16. Roundup your most popular blog posts of all time. 

    17. Share a list of your favorite websites or blogs.

    And why.

    18. Share a list of your favorite people to follow on Twitter.

    And why.

    19. Write about some of your favorite books.

    Or TV Shows. Or Movies. You get the point…

    20. Write a poem.

    This isn’t for everyone… and probably wouldn’t make sense on a professional blog. But Danielle LaPorte is a great example of incorporating awesome poetry into her blog. Like here and here and here.

    21. Write a story.

    This could be a hypothetical story to make a point about your business or it could be a truly fictional story that you just want to share with the world.

    22. Share your systems or personal habits.

    How do you come up with blog posts? What is your workout regime? How do you use social media for connecting with clients? Whatever the topic, think of something you do regularly and how you might be able to share these tips with someone.

    23. Get a guest blogger who isn’t a blogger.

    Like your mom or your spouse or a friend. What perspective could they bring that would be interesting to your audience?

    24. Write about goals.

    Personal goals or company goals. People can relate to goal-setting.

    25. Follow up on your goals.

    People can also relate to successes and failures. Share the process and what you learned.

    26. Share your history.

    How did you get started? How did your company get started?

    27. Conduct a webinar. 

    28. Try a video blog.

    All you need is a webcam and something to talk about. Keep it short and sweet while you start out.

    29. Write about an event you attended.

    Awesome speakers, new connections, tips on networking… events provide all types of topics.

    30. Interview everyday people in your industry/niche. 

    31. Write about your opinion on a recent news event. 

    32. Compile a list of your favorite quotes.

    33. Compile a list of interesting stats.

    Include graphs or images if possible.

    34. Choose a photo and write about that. 

    This could be a photo you took or find a photo online (be sure to provide proper credit) and write about what it means to you or how it relates to your business. 

    35. Write a list of the top 10 things you’ve learned from blogging/working in your industry/being a business owner/etc. 

    36. Share some of your favorite pieces of technology.

    Favorite apps? How do you stay productive? What couldn’t you live without?

    37. Share your mission statement with your readers.

    What is your purpose for blogging and/or for being in business? A great way to reconnect with your original purpose (and determine if it needs to be updated).

    38. Break up long posts into a series.

    If you’re like me, then you can write some long-ass posts. Take these and break them into a smaller series of posts that will last longer and make reading easier. And always link back to the other posts.

    39. Write about upcoming holidays or seasons.

    What do you love about them? What are you planning? Or for business — How do you prepare? What should your customers being thinking about ahead of time?

    40. Point out common mistakes and how to fix or avoid them.

    This could be in your industry, in your niche, or just in life in general.

    41. Compile a list of what you learned from a celebrity.

    For example: 5 Things I Learned from Angelina and Brad’s Relationship. This could be part-serious, part-fun.

    42. Share slides from a recent presentation.

    Check out SlideShare for ideas.

    43. Create an infographic.

    Like this one on my company’s blog: The 7 Steps to Lead Generation.

    44. Respond to industry research.

    45. Ask one question to a bunch of different people/experts and highlight in a post. 

    You could conduct this survey through free resources like Survey Monkey or do it on your social media sites or via email. 

    46. Write about something that ticks you off.

    If you’re passionate about something then your audience will respond.

    47. Review something.

    This could be a restaurant, an event, a product, a service, a book… whatever. Give your honest feedback — good or bad.

    48. Share a peek into your daily life and routines.

    How do you start your day? How do you end it? How do you stay organized? What habits do you have?

    49. Write about your city and share photos. 

    50. Write whatever is on your mind at this very moment.

    Then revisit it later and see what you can turn into a blog post. You might be surprised!

    Bonus Tip: Create your own list of blog post ideas.

    The further I got into this list, the more the ideas starting coming to me and I got all sorts of creative juices flowing so give that a try to and see what you come up with. I’d love to hear your thoughts or favorite writers block busters below.

    Happy writing folks!

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  1. Well I think I just came up with the next 50 blog posts to write about thanks to this blog.

    Thanks Dan, great share.

    Isaiah J.

  2. Wow! I second that- I have plenty of ideas now, thanks so much!!

  3. thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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