• Choose Your Own Adventure: 8 Mantras for Real People

    I kind of love mantras, and I love having something to ponder on, or repeat to myself, when I (attempt to) meditate. I started creating these because I found that there are a lot of mantras out there that are either a little fluffy and “woo woo” for me, or just great messages with ugly photos, bad graphics, or grammatical errors (which I can not handle, so dear god tell me if you catch one in mind).

    Here are eight mantras that I use and love, all depending on my mood. For instance, if I wake up stressed on a Monday I might choose a different mantra for that day versus if I slept in on a Sunday feeling easy and free.

    You can use mantras any way you like. Find one that resonates with you in that exact moment – or maybe align it with an intention you have. I also sometimes try to counteract what I’m feeling and use the mantra as my reminder. If I’m feeling a little bad about myself, then I might want a mantra that reminds me what a badass I am! Or maybe I’m on fire and life is great, a grounding mantra might be exactly what I need. Either way, there is no right or wrong way to choose or use a mantra.

    Journal about it. Say it to yourself in the mirror a few times. Repeat it in your head or aloud while meditating. Hold it as an intention during yoga or a run.

    There is research that tells us that these types of positive affirmations can be incredibly beneficial to our state of being, our mind, and our life. (Don’t ask me for the research, I can’t find it, but just take my word for it – it makes sense!)

    Hopefully, you can find one (or more!) mantras here that you can use and reuse however the hell you feel like it. Enjoy!!

    1. I am what I love. Not what loves me.

    mantras for real people: i am what I love not what loves me

    2. I am fucking awesome!

    mantras for real people: i am fucking awesome

    3. I control my own destiny.

    i control my own destiny mantra

    4. Less is more.

    less is more mantra quote

    5. Today, I am perfect.

    today i am perfect mantra quote

    6. What if I already know the answer?

    what if i already know the answer mantra quote

    7. You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.

    you are the sky mantra quote

    8. I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.

    i am enough mantra quote

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