• Thirty Before Thirty

    *Editor’s note: I wrote this post on an old blog back in 2012 (March 27, 2012 to be exact). As I’m launching my new home here on the interwebs, I’m going through some of these old posts to see if I can find some gems, plus it’s my favorite thing about blogging/journaling… going back through and remembering where you once were in your life.

    I wrote this a month before my 27th birthday and now 3 1/2 years later, I am now the 30-year-old that seemed so far away back then. Since I completely forgot about this list and haven’t referred to it since then, it was super fun and interesting and go through it and see what I’ve actually accomplished in those 3 years and how I feel about them now. So, any new commentary and the strikethroughs are now in italics below. 


    I stumbled across a new blog today – It’s Your World, I’m Just Living In It – and one of his posts titled “I Want to Do Things” couldn’t have been a better fit for me and what this site is all about. So, what did I do? I completely stole his idea and ran with it… but that’s okay, he encouraged this on his post.

    Due to my obsessive list making and ongoing fear of regret, creating a Thirty Before Thirty list seemed like the perfect idea. So, what does this entail you ask? Simple items, not long-term goals, but just things I’d like to try before I’m an old withered thirty-year-old. So, that gives me 3 years to have some fun – and then create a Bucket List because I’ll be so much closer to death by then.

    I need some help though because I’m tired right now and can’t think of thirty interesting, yet simple ideas so comment and let me know what you have on your list or what you’d like me to try! Here’s what I got so far:

    1. Go camping for real (not just at a music festival but in the middle of the woods with no jam bands, dirty hippies, or port-o-potties)

    Well, this one I’ve been especially successful at since I moved to the great Pacific Northwest 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve been camping *for real* at least 10-15 times and it’s a true passion of mine. Woohoo! Go me! 

    2. Ride in a helicopter

    This has not happened but it’s still a huge MUST for me. I need to make this a priority, pronto! 

    3. Take ballroom dancing lessons

    Has not happened, and not sure how important this actually is to me – though I think it would be a fun thing to do with my husband! 

    4. Throw a sophisticated dinner party (not like super fancy shmancy, but multiple courses and no paper plates)

    I’ve done this a few times and it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to. I loveee hosting and cooking, but I’m more of a BBQ and casual kind of gal vs. sophisticated and fancy. 

    5. No Internet or phone (turn it off) for an entire 24 hours

    Thanks to my newfound love for camping, I’ve been able to disconnect quite a few times in the past couple years. It’s probably one of my favorite parts about escaping into the mountains… I’m forced to disconnect and put the email and Facebook away and just be. It’s absolutely a necessity of mine now. 

    6. Make my own sushi!

    This would still be fun… but hasn’t happened yet. 

    7. Learn to drive a stick shift

    Ha! I’m not sure this will ever happen – who drives stick anymore anyway? 😉 

    8. Learn to juggle

    This is beyond a want, this seems like a need. How do I not know how to juggle? Why has no one taught me? Isn’t this a basic human ability that we all just pick up as a child or something? I’m getting on it… 

    9. Go zip lining

    I’ve done a lot of REALLY cool things in the past couple years but zip lining is not one of them. I did jump out of a plane (sky diving) and off a bridge (bungee jumping) so maybe that counts for something…? 

    10. Visit Europe (not super simple but I’m pretty sure this is going to happen so I’m including it)

    Yikes! This one should have been checked off by now, but lucky me we are in the midst of planning a European adventure for next spring. No more excuses and poor planning on my part… it’s going to happen this time! 

    11. Get a pshysic reading and/or Tarot card reading

    Had multiple Tarot readings, and love them. Would still like an official psychic reading. 

    12. Build something (a shelf, bookcase, chair, anything)

    Not so much. 

    13. Have a pet (seriously, even a fish would do, but I need to make sure at some point I can care for another life before I pop out a child in my thirties)

    I’m starting to wonder if this will ever happen. I’ll put this on the list with “have kids” and see when my husband and I can actually commit to another life that requires us to stop camping and traveling all of the time. 

    14. Scuba dive

    Would still love to do this, however I did have an awful snorkeling experience earlier this year in the Dominican Republic where I got super sea sick and puked all over the place while everyone snorkeled below me in the water. Whoops! 

    But I still would love to learn how to dive. 

    15. Go snowboarding (I’ve been many times but not since I was like 19 years old and I really am dying to prove to my husband that I can still do it!)

    More to thank the PNW for… been a few times and hope to go even more this upcoming winter. 

    16. Live in another city besides Orlando (okay this is kind of cheating because this isn’t just a fun, silly thing I can try, but I’m putting it on here nonetheless)

    This has probably been my biggest, longest goal since I was a child and I FINALLY achieved it. I love that when I originally wrote this post I was not planning or thinking about when or how I would move, I didn’t even know where I wanted to go, but my heart led me to Seattle and it’s still to this day the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. 

    17. Ride on a train

    In the last year I’ve taken 3 great train trips and I absolutely love traveling by train now! I’ve traveled from:

    • Boston, MA to Portland, ME
    • San Diego, CA to Los Angeles, CA
    • Seattle, WA to Portland, OR

    And my next trip planned is from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC with my husband and some friends! It’s seriously one of the best ways to travel! 

    18. Watch Star Wars and Godfather (never seen any of these, am I even an American?)

    Has not happened and I’m pretty sure it never will… oh well! 

    19. Try Ethiopian food

    Yes, yum!!! 

    20. Sing karaoke (The only times I’ve ever done this were in high school and I was up there with a group so it didn’t really count)

    This is so funny to me that it’s on the list because I only did this for the first time 4 days ago! I was part of a pub crawl here in Seattle that raised money for our local residents council and it ended with karaoke and I told all my friends that “today would be the day” and I’d finally sing karaoke. I sung not only one, but two songs!! My song choices were “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks (my life anthem) and “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis. I am still proud of myself, and not so sure why I was so scared of it before. Only took a little bit of liquid courage… 

    Dani Buckley karaoke

    Here I am enjoying karaoke for the first time at 30!


    I never made the list into 30 but it was fun to see what has happened in a few years, it’s almost like a written time capsule of sorts. Makes me want to do more secret posts like this and predict my future so I can look back on them later and see how things ended up. 

    Writing Prompt:

    What kind of list would you make? How much do you think you from 3 or 5 years ago has accomplished that you hoped you would? What do you hope you in 3 or 5 years will experience?

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11 Responsesso far.

  1. Patti says:

    On my list:
    Swim with a manatee.
    Learn how to surf… well.
    Watch a sunrise on east coast of FL and sunset on west coast of FL in the same day.

    And I only have half a year left!

    PS – And let me know if I’m commenting too much. I just really like your blog and it’s a nice way to comment on the mind of Dani!

    • Dani O. Buckley says:

      Love these! Definitely gonna have to add the sunrise/sunset one. I’ve swam with manatees a few times when I was younger and I loved it so much.

      And is there such thing as commenting too much? I think not! :)

  2. Let’s go get ethiopian food together!

  3. Let’s get Ethiopian food together!

  4. notsosexy says:

    Nice list! I, too, have flirted with the idea of creating one of these, but it often feels daunting. I like that yours seem completely realistic, and while they might not be easy (no phone for 24 phone – eek!), you’ll feel so great for having done it!

    Good luck!

    • Dani O. Buckley says:

      Yea, I figured I already have ongoing big goal lists so I wanted to keep this one a little simpler and more achievable. I look forward to seeing if I can even do some of them – like the phone one, that’s gonna be tough!

  5. notsosexy says:

    And I’m totally stealing the tarot cards one!

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